Well my wife just called me from Washington D. C. and told me that now see saw what I have been talking about for years. The protestors she said are radical liberal communist that she said will not end with Trump. She now thinks that we have bought some time with Trump but in the end we all will have to deal with these radicals.

This trip has opened her eyes to how fanatical the liberal socialist are. She told me to keep preparing for the future because this will end badly soon.

It is all the same Socialism=Progressive=Communist=Dictators, it is all the same.

Molon Labe

This may also be a turning point , once the ball gets rolling , the pendulum may start swinging to the right . Propaganda works both ways , and reconditioning is very possible . Just because the left has had their way in many areas for a long time , does not mean that is written in stone …………it is not . What we need to do ( Conservatives ) is use this chance to re assert ourselves , find our balls again , and be just as bold as they are . They WILL be forced to back down at that point , because they dont have the stomach for serious , possibly lethal confrontation . We must take this opportunity to provide this atmosphere . Taking back your country , means just that …………..TAKE ! Not pacify , not negotiate , TAKE ! We tend to forget that 3% of the population of the colonies , were able to kick out one of the strongest powers of the time . We are not talking about overthrowing a government , we are talking about restoring a government , much easier to do on all levels . The radical left , like radical Islam , needs to be deported , eliminated , or forced so far underground , that they cease to have any impact on your society . Not just here , there are Nationalist parties in Europe , that are gaining strong popularity , and very well may get into power . People are starting to say , enough is enough !