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Freedom, as they said in the 60s, “Right on!”. What we’re seeing today looks, feels, and acts just the same as what we saw in the 60s. It’s not going away. I do have to laugh just a bit however, that these young “protestors” (read: rioters) think they’re into some new, neat thing. If we could transport them back to Chicago, or any number of college and university campuses in the late 60s and early 70s, they wouldn’t know they’d been transported back 50 years, except MAYBE for a few of the hair styles and signs – if they even noticed them. Even the chanting, phrases, protest terms, etc., are lifted straight out of the 60s. It’s so close to carbon copy, it’s actually hilarious (except that it’s more widespread and more serious). Heck, I’ve got an ultra liberal much “younger” sister that’s up there right now. It’s a wonder we even can talk anymore. She’s “only” in her 50s, but with this women’s mob today, they’ve got three generations from some families up there. No chance of those kids growing up right when both mom and grandma are leading the way. We’d have had our butts whooped if we’d tried to go to D.C. and do that!

Madonna admitted she’s harbored thoughts about blowing up the White House. Well good for you, Madonna – your opponents also have thoughts ….