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I am very grateful, and far more than a little surprised. I hope in 4 or 8 years to be able to say that again multiplied many times over. Regardless of the promises, in 4-8 years he can’t erase $20 Trillion, rebuild an almost non-existent manufacturing infrastructure, get everyone off drugs, stop the killing (Chicago, Detroit, wherever), etc. But I’m very, very cautiously hopeful he’ll put a sizeable enough dent in it all that almost everyone will have to sit up and take notice – and acknowledge the success that came just as the totally unexpected electoral win. He didn’t win it decisively, but he won it where it counted enough to change things. And that’s what ended up counting.

Now the even harder work comes! Note that the incoming administration asked for the same deference as was afforded to Obama 8 years ago, with something like (I think it was) a requested 7 Senate confirmations on day-1. The Democrats managed to limit him to just two (SecDef and DHS). I don’t trust either side of the aisle, and I don’t trust the guy that just moved a few blocks down the street instead of sequestering himself in Hawaii….