My guess, those come from the bikers.

Poor placement if activists, too much risk of loss, as happened.

Secondly, poor tactics. Half a dozen of our favorite comrades cocktail and you’re not stopping the crowd.

As to the dem members, there ain’t a one who could keep their trap shut and be in on any of it.

Anything happens, best bet is a splinter cell or cell of one. Little to no organization behind it. Strictly because the ones making the most noise don’t have the stones to act, let alone get caught as part of something.

Sharpy, screwy Louie F, and the rest know that the sword of Damocles is hanging over them, and if they did something other than shoot off their mouths, they would be destroyed not arrested. The Feds and SS have been putting in countless hours of overtime because of the nature of the situation.
But they’re not the danger to the race baiters, it will be the Trump supporters that would make the ‘boss’ resemble Mussolini.

Second, even those idiots understand the excrement storm that would follow.
The backlash against the liberals would be epic. Their followers,that’s another thing.

36 hours until we find out.