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It’s amazing how fast a regular day turns to a steaming pile of puppy ****, isn’t it? The reason you made it out and survived is because of your mind. You have “it”. Meaning the will and the fight inside your mind to overcome harsh things.
If your mind is set your body will follow whether it wants to or not. Well done! Many people would have turned to despair and layed down to give up.

This is what it’s all about – those who will survive are those who have “it”. Someone with nothing and “it” will live longer than someone with everything and no “it”. However, most people don’t know if they have “it” until a situation presents itself that forces them into an unknown part of themselves. I think some people may be surprised at what they’re capable of and others will be ashamed of themselves because they aren’t as capable and tough as what they thought.
People who think they know these people will be surprised as well. Think of a meek, mild mannered housewife and stay at home mother stepping up and overcoming all odds vs. a rough ex-military man who just says “screw it” and gives up. You never really know, do you?
Keep up the good fight.