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A: Thanks, Leopard, for letting us know you’re still around! A number of us have been significantly concerned. When you feel safe in sharing, a personal update would be welcome, but that’s got to be your choice IF and when you’re ready.

B: Thank you so very much, as well as to Joe, for the first hand account. That seems to mesh very well with much of what Selco has been trying to teach – that all the “best” and latest gear cannot possibly train a person for what happens when the S truly does HTF. But training in skills and abilities – that is what came through loud and clear in Joe’s post – how learning from the past was able to be employed when it all mattered most. And the broad range of skills and abilities clearly saved him and others – not just being able to shoot straight with the latest customized weapon.

Very much appreciated! Updates on real life on the ground in SA would be appreciated by many here, I suspect – there is just no SA news in the US media. All we’re fed is US presidential, congressional, intel community, etc., crap on a 24/7 basis, interspersed with the latest on this or that “entertainment” figure’s narcissistic life, and how bad Russia is to the exclusion of any other bad actors around the globe. Stay safe!