I appreciate Selco trying to hammer some reality into the heads of people. Those who have been in military combat have an inkling of that reality. Most do not.
I have not, but did have my eyes opened by years of working in the Third World. Learned two things: First: Water, clean water is the first survival priority on my list. I’ve seen the disease and misery from lack of it. Second, you can make do with a lot less than you think IF you use your brain.
Another cynical note: We in Oklahoma just had a forecast of bad ice storms for the next several days. Walmart shelves are empty and people were fighting over bread, some grabbing it from others’ carts and running. To quote the Bible, if they do these things in the green tree, what will be done in the dry???
I have no illusions as to how bad it will be when things actually go down. I think and hope that we have a reprieve for a couple of years, but that can disappear in a few seconds of misguided, arrogant decisions from TPTB.
Trust in the Lord and keep your powder dry.