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Something like that, perhaps. I suppose I’ve watched “3 Days of the Condor,” Jason Bourne, and “Shooter” (the Wahlberg movie, not the TV series) too many times. But then again, those scenarios seem more and more possible these days. Heck – there was clearly enough inter-agency cooperation in JFK’s death, and I was just a teenager than. I suspect they’ve perfected their craft much in these 50+ years….

It’s your last sentence that has me even more concerned – because I don’t think there’s a clear likely answer as to what/who all those (multiple) forces would be, or their motivations. Heck – I didn’t even find the old CBS aborted series “Jericho” to be out of touch with reason. And their depicted splitting of the country into regional, highly factional governments (or “forces” might be more accurate) certainly seemed like a likely outcome. Regardless, I don’t know if we’d ever see business as usual again in most of our lifetimes – certainly not mine.