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Whatever it is people will deal with or they won’t. Its amazing how many new products I see in the stores and for sale off internet sites. I buy magazines and they’re like product catalogs for survivalists and hunters. Better scopes clothing ammo tents food stoves … everything is being reengineered. The old aluminum pot to melt snow in is gone and collapsible cook wear is in. The “bug out bag” has entered the language. Everyone knows what it is now.
The item in Selco’s article that stood out the most to me was the wrong order of the survival list. It always starts with defense. Knife food fire. Or from the family perspective. Protection safety shelter food water sleep. Survival plans, no doubt because of the incompetence of Obama government have already been put into motion. The rich moving to bunkers and others into walled enclaves / safe areas. The people who really don’t have a clue are most likely statistics. They can’t won’t or are unable to protect themselves. Reality check. Some of us will be spending our last minutes taking out the vermin. Nothing wrong with that.

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