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There was a conspiracy. Proven beyond the shadow of a doubt.

And that conspiracy is THE fundamental thing that must be understood, or all the rest of it just remains in little pieces to be debated, picked apart, etc. To go back to that noted sage, James Carville, “It’s the economy, stupid!” But now it’s the Conspiracy, stupid! (And I’ll add an upper case “C” to that not just for emphasis, but because I see it as a formal, powerful, entity that must be seen as that important, or we will lose. Conclusively.)

By the way – so far this week I’ve already spent hours listening to the confirmation hearings, as well as the Trump news conference. If you can find YouTube videos of them, it’s beyond refreshing (and highly instructive) to see/hear the responses of these appointees. I just listened to Rex Tillerson, moments ago, specifically state that we need to send a clear message to China that their island building needs to stop, and their access TO those islands, on which military assets have been stationed, must also cease. As much as I do not like so many aspects of the man, Donald Trump, at the same time I also see an opportunity right here and now, to push back at the Conspiracy in a major way. It will be all out war, I expect – the Conspiracy is too large and too committed to destruction to just tuck their tails and whimper away into the darkness. I don’t believe there are ANY methods they won’t attempt to employ to derail fundamental restoration of originalist thinking regarding the Constitution and its functional supremacy in the United States. I’m almost blown away about the nominees that I’ve been listening to – the quality is beyond impressive. I can’t wait for Secretary Sessions, or particularly Secretary Tillerson, just for starters (Tillerson is absolutely a brilliant pick in all respects). I just hope and pray that January 20th comes and goes as planned, and that everyone is still standing at the end of the day (especially those in the line of succession if the worst happens).

The Obama deception didn’t succeed.

This is my only, and only partial, disagreement. The deception is beginning to be known, but I am not at all comfortable that it will yet not succeed. Much will play out in the next 9 days. And then beyond.