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As usual, Selco moves the magnifying glass in and out to achieve a fine-point focus – and perhaps jar some back to reality from fantasy. Personally, I needed and appreciated it, and it will generate some excellent internal (i.e. within my own household) reassessment of our plans and preps.

I live near a major military installation, and have occasion to go into town. When approaching the installation, there are multiple billboards erected along the final 2-3 miles of Interstate that ends there, advertising military-related equipment. And the companies that do considerable business in personal military (and law enforcement) equipment line the major highway along the northern boundary of that installation. While needed and providing a useful service with many great products, I more than suspect that veterans of multiple combat deployments over the past 20 years would echo what Selco has to say in the article. It’s “cool” to have all the latest-greatest gear, and some of it could make a critical difference in some situations. But the reality of SHTF brings out the points made in the article. Hopefully that realization won’t occur then – too late for the person in the situation.

Much of it is a mindset, along with very basic skills to be employed. Thank you Selco and Toby. I wish I lived nearer to San Antonio.