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The Rappoport article simply – but importantly – highlights yet another facet in the attempt to completely take down a Trump presidency before it ever gets started. I’ve thought that the final days of the Obama administration would become especially dangerous, and we’re seeing that happening before us. The news conference by Trump this morning was unprecedented in so many ways. Whether there’s ANY truth to the stories that Buzzfeed and CNN floated about him or not, Trump very effectively decimated the trash that has been put out there, and directly attacked organizations by name. The shouting match between Trump and the CNN reporter was a virtual replay of the Trump/Jorge Ramos (Univision) incident in 2015. The unprecedented efforts taken by the Trump organization to distance him from his business interests were outlined in detailed detail! And that points out just how strongly the take-down artists are working to accomplish their mission.

As to the Rappoport article – spot on. Despite my opening sentence about the take down of a Trump presidency, that’s not really what it’s about. It’s almost unimaginably larger than that. It’s about seizing power from the American people, and literally taking over the nation. There is so much behind what we’ve termed the “dark state” here that has not come out, and is not generally known. We’re in a battle for our very existence as a free (not very anymore) people. And there are powerful, organized forces seeking the end of what the Framers so beautifully set in motion. Control of the election process and apparatus is key and fundamental to the take over. This goes to fundamental individual liberty at its core – and that is what the target is.

Heads up, but helmets on. This is not even remotely over on 20 January. Thanks for the additional piece, Namelus.