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Ice rain tonight. My wife went to the store earlier and when she came out had to very carefully walk to our 4×4. Not being able to get in the drivers side she got in the passenger side and crawled over the gear shift. The roads were all heavy slush on the way home and at one point she almost was blown off the interstate. Very glad I put new hakkapelittas snow tires on all 4 wheels this year. I keep telling her about the carbide studs on my Icebug boots but I guess it’ll be a 100 ft elbows and knees thru a parking lot before she’s convinced. I been thinking about carrying a pair of snowshoes in the kit but it’s not that bad yet. So far just a down jacket and survival pack, water TP and a little food/ candy bars. Gloves? Nope, mittens with hand warmer pockets, a froggy toggs bib and a Russian army style hat for very cold below zero. Just a scarf usually. Although I have a rebreather for extreme cold. It’s that or serious lung congestion which is bad stuff. Extreme cold puts extra stress on the lungs and heart.