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74 Big Changes? I would agree it’s pretty impressive we’ve made it this far with such a dysfunctional government.
The Countdown has started … You think? Final solution to democrats. I suppose it’s not nice to joke about this but then again, why not.
There is no solution for Obamacare. Just end it period.
The country is broke. Another $9 trillion. Uh oh.
The lying media are all over us like flys on rotting meat.
The military is trying to provoke a war with Russia.
We’ve been invaded by Mexico. Border patrol overrun.
There’s a black war on cops.
Half the US declares itself a refuge for Muslims thus giving away our country to barbarians.
The west coast is being pressure washed. World is a snowball from Istanbul to – 80 in Siberia.
And Hollyweird is complaining about the ambiance.

It’s so tragic that it’s laughable.