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Sounds like money-sucking celebrity media Corps are going hollyweed again. Look at Megyn Kelly jump to nbc for what $25 million. The dishonest press are hacking both sides. They interviewed Kelly Anne for 10 minutes and she gets 1 minute of airtime. Fair balanced and totally dishonest on the issues. You would think they believe president trump was elected more on celebrity than ability. They even have people believing the democrats head clown Schumer wants to work with the republicans to solve the Obamacare disaster. No way. Just more air time. Air time is money. The media are playing us like sheep. I doubt they actually believe Russia hacked anything. They still can’t call Hillary stupid for her email mess. On and on they go down the drain. Hasta la vista creeps after they accepted Obama’s manipulation of the 4 intell agencies, not 19, to discredit Trump. Stupid lying tv sluts.

Lol maybe a bit to much caffeine this morning.

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