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I’m just putting this out as a “hypothetical” of course – {choke} – IF the Democrats (which includes the DNC, the Administration, the President and all his handlers, and whoever else is behind this) did this, then it’s not ABOUT not punishing China. We don’t want to get into a war with China. The people behind this have been gunning for war with Russia – either directly, or as close to directly as we can get without WWIII. It’s about exactly that – war with Russia, making them our enemy. And now they’ll be able to blame Trump even more! He’s the guy who actually BELIEVED AND SUPPORTED Russia while they hacked away. One term and done! Maybe less, if enough Republicans get back on the Dump-Trump train fully again, in a sweeping Kumbaya bipartisan effort to “stabilize” the United States and SAVE IT! don’tchaknow.

Not that I’d suggest that the United States (the tiny bit of it that’s left) is in the process of being stolen right out from under us! 100% political, well yes … sorta … as long as you call a coup a political action. I think we’re watching the set-up to it even now (and I’ve thought so since day-two after the election).