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There’s talk of Hillary running for mayor of NYC. Sure why not. If you can’t become president of a big country … Become president of a small one. The refugees we get upstate will be white. The terrorist group BLM will see NYC as home ground under an anti gun Bloomberg lib like her. Rahm runs Chicago, Hillary in NYC and maybe Pelosi SF. No wonder Obama is sending thousands of tanks overseas to Nato. Where will urban warfare break out next. This is a new kind of politics. One simple message on his Twitter account and Chief Clown Schumer has been identified. He is not a friend of the Donald’s presidency.

In the best case scenario most of us live out in the boonies. Even so there is a large police presence up here. The gang members are caught very quickly. So much so our jails are getting packed like California. I know Muslims are recruiting among vets living in the cities. One of them I knew married a Muslim woman and moved to NYC. And there’s always Islamberg. They are watching us. Winter is here. Prepping is still in vogue. Yes.