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Whirli, these are Syrians coming, not Somalis. That is my only consolation.

74, on that young people will want to come here for the diversity nonsense, currently they can find diversity almost anywhere in the country. They are not desperately searching for it so as to shout for joy that they found it in Rutland. In fact, quite the opposite could be true. Northern New England is one of the rare regions of the country that is non-diverse. If it weren’t so utterly politically incorrect, it could be a selling point to come to a region that shares little of the problems plaguing our cities.

To my way of thinking, it is better that we continue our slow population decline rather than give up our traditional culture. Why give up what we have simply to increase the population with people who will never accept our way of life? Live and let live is totally counter to the Islamic way of life, but it is how we approach life here. In fact “live and let live” would apply to the Syrians too if they will just do their thing without infringing on the rest of us. That may not be what the social justice warriors have in mind though as the local paper has already had an editorial telling us we should be careful so as not to offend the Syrian’s sensibilities, clearly signalling the community that we’re the ones who are supposed to change, not the Syrians.

I am convinced that rural and small town areas will see a resurgence someday when general living conditions or other events cause people to want to get away from the large cities. Technology is going to make it easier and easier for businesses to locate in small towns. Some say businesses can’t do that because we don’t have the workforce. I say there are lots of skilled and educated young people who would be glad to come home if there were jobs here. Until this happens, a slow but steady population decline is a manageable problem.

I don’t live in Rutland but this is going to impact the entire county. Fortunately, outside of Rutland there is little in the way of rentals, and pretty much no public transportation or services. That’ll contain it to Rutland for a period.