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Interesting. A router that’s on even when you’re not using it causes a fire. It has two antennas right? Just like mine. We leave our router on all the time and it never occurred to me they could catch fire and burn a house down. I think we’ll be turning our router off in the future when we’re not home. And the microwave, and the tvs and the video machines. You never know.

We’ve thought about a storage unit but so far haven’t done it. We would probably stuff it full of junk. Some people rent pods as an option. One of our neighbors though wanted to rent a pod and the company contacted the town to find out if there were regulations against them. Well there weren’t any but the town wrote a new ordinance virtually overnight requiring a permit. Good for one month at a time up to 3 months. Can’t be extended, Demos in action. Think globally, punish locally.

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