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Sledjockey, so very sorry to hear about your daughter – insurance, lawsuits, quick move to a new housing unit, etc., still don’t take away from the trauma of suddenly looking at a pile of ash (or blown away or flooded house), and the reality that everything we live with, use, enjoy, cherish, is gone. And somehow that impacts me even more when it’s someone on active duty. Our prayers are with your daughter and her family.

But your post points out a good idea – no single point storage for the things we could need most in a disaster of any sort. We do backup with computers, many complex systems many of us have worked with over the years have built in redundancy, etc. But food storage, and other prep equipment/materials? Ours is almost all under one roof – dumb! I kinda-sorta-just-a-little-bit, thought about it every now and then, but then never got a round tuit. And consequently, just had one of those palm-to-forehead slapping moments as I said, “DUH!” upon reading your post. Gotta get me one of those round tuits. Thanks much for the post. New Year’s resolution added.