We already have ‘zombies’ by the millions. Gaggles of young students crossing the street, gazing fixedly into their cell phones. Older people too…totally unaware of reality around them. Is not this a kind of ‘walking dead’??? No wonder the govt powers can get away with everything… No one is paying any attention.

And yes, Selco is so right. Most people in America would freak out and be unable to process reality if disconnected from their electronics. Remember the sci-fi “Borg Hive” scenarios??? Thank the Lord I grew up poor and know how to manage without electricity and running water. Taught what wild plants to eat. Still hunt and butcher my own meat.

The other overwhelming truth is that I fear other people more than anything else. We are living on the edge of a table that holds a fragile house of cards we think is our ‘civilization’. One more major shock and down it goes….and with it, any vestige of civility when hunger and death are stalking the land. God help us.