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GS, thanks again for the replay link. The government story that most of the “conservative” talkers and bloggers circulated was that Snowden had stolen a huge cache of nuclear secrets, or identities of clandestine agents and assets (stuff, that as far as I know, he had no interest in, nor concern with) and had blabbed all those juicy secrets to the Russians, or the Chinese, or both. I get the impression from him that (a) he wouldn’t have done so, out of loyalty to the once-honorable principles of the USA, and (b) was far more concerned with this bombshell fact that this servant-wannabe-master fedgov spies on people from whom it fully understands it has nothing to fear, in order that they should eventually come to fear it.

By the way, I use Yahoo mail, and refuse to sweat it. I couldn’t possibly compete with the government that wishes to intimidate us on most fields of endeavor. They’re younger, stronger, richer, more numerous, and better armed. I have only my pitiful old brain and mouth (or keyboard.) But I like my thoughts and Ideas better than theirs, and as long as I’m not committing crimes by expressing them, I’ll just put them out to dry, as and where I’m able.

Still, if they wanted badly enough to hang me for a crime (that I somehow hadn’t bothered to commit) they’d probably just do it for me and refer the production of incriminating details to the experts at the Evidence Creation Bureau. This spy-on-everybody business is lower than chicken$#!+ under a snake’s belly and they already know that, as well as what they can do, if they can’t take a joke.

Cry, "Treason!"

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