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My thoughts almost exactly. And I was struck by the answer he got about coming back to face a fair trial in which he could publicly present his case – the U.S. government would only guarantee that they would not torture him. How very benevolent. My wife and I both watched it, and both found it quite sobering.

I have one correspondent that uses Yahoo email, and I was somewhat aware that I needed to be careful in what I replied at times, but he really brought it home just how much we’re just sitting ducks – every incoming and outgoing email through Yahoo mail (and others) is being mined for whatever possible future benefit they can get from it. We’re long past the point of internet safety – they already know far too much about us to ever be safe IF they want to make a case against us.

I was also struck with how comfortable he seemed to feel about being able to criticize his host country. That certainly isn’t the image our press would have us believe.