Mr. Red
Mr. Red

Doing a little more planning for the garden. Hopefully spring will soon, well, spring up. I’ve been looking at getting a new shotgun as of late, most likely going to go the cheap route and get one of the Chinese knock-off 870’s. From what I’ve researched and have been told by owners, they’re great. Like all the ChiCom knockoff guns, the finish isn’t award winning, but they work great and that’s good enough for me.

Specs: “Barrel Length 12.5″
12 gauge x 3″
Capacity: 4+1
Ghost Ring Sights
Interchangeable Screw-In Choke (MOD)

For $320 bucks (with free shipping also!), I’m alright with that.

With this flu I have I can’t really do much else other than read and research.

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