Hey tweva,

When we bought this little farm, we reclaimed an old pasture. It was full of rocks and weeds, overgrazed. Useful for just about nothing. We tore down the fence, nuked the weeds, got rid of the biggest rocks and then plowed the field. Put loads of fertilizer on it and a couple dump-trucks of fresh dirt on it too. Planted good grasses, like fescue, bluegrass, alfalfa, some clover (for the rabbits) and then started planting fruit and nut trees. Made a little orchard out of it.

The place we got our trees was called Trees of Antiquity. They’re in California, but ship anywhere. They carry only the oldest, purest strains of trees – all heirloom. Loads of historical fruit and nut trees, some dating clean back to pre-Roman times (the trees’ lineage is that old, not the actual tree). We’ve got some nice European plum trees, some nice variants of apple trees that date to the early 19th century and two variants of edible walnut trees. They’ve got everything! Might want to check them out.


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1