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Freedom, if you trace that article backwards, it goes DIRECTLY to the original article at the top by Sorcha Faal. It doesn’t back up the original article, it IS the original article with someone else putting their names on the articles. Starting with the article you added above, click on the 2nd link (just under the “Donald Trump” link). In the text the link is within the following words: “have transferred 1.8 Billion dollars from the Clinton Foundation to the Qatar Central Bank,” and it goes to the “The International Reporter” web site.

Then at that linked article in “The International Reporter,” note just under the article title and the “Editor’s Note” where it says, “from What Does It Mean.” If you click that link, where the article comes “from,” you go DIRECTLY back to the original article namelus posted at the top. It’s circular reporting entirely, NOT any original and confirming reporting. Still a bunch of Sorcha Faal Hotel Sierra.

Personally, I don’t care what little pieces of truth Sorcha Faal ever comes up with. I got burned a few times many years ago by “her” trash, and learned very quickly that it’s not worth paying any attention at all to what “she” writes. Even if there’s a tiny bit of truth in it, you’re going to be led down the equivalent of a Mexican drug, or Viet Cong tunnel – and if you’re lucky, have ONLY wasted your time at the end. The pieces of truth will eventually come out in some other far more credible outlet. The beauty of the Internet is accompanied by the other side of that same coin – and that other side is filled with this sort of convoluted cr@p that seems to have all sorts of “independent” confirmations from “other” sources. It’s intentionally misleading (understatement). The opposition LOVES for us to waste our time promoting trash, thinking it’s good new revelation – while the opposition gets to stand back and laughingly finger-point while showing what fools we are, thereby hurting our credibility.