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Years ago my inlaws (retirees) waited till the mandatory evacuation order to leave Hilton Head Island and headed with the rest of the herd to the designated safe place of Columbia SC, which took them 5 hours to reach with less than 1/8 tank of gas left. The hurricane took the NOAA most-likely path right to Columbia and ripped apart the roof of the motel they were staying in. Had they been paying attention and knew how to read the NOAA data they would have seen that in the 36 hours before the evacuation order the chances of the storm (or a serious storm surge) hitting HHI went from 95% to <12%, and that with the projected path decidedly WNW heading N would have been the better bet. As it turned out, Florence SC was essentially untouched (OK, some rain but no high winds or flooding).
I’m well aware of the cost and disruption packing up and getting gone for a few days, as opposed to one day, can involve. But I suggest folks balance those costs against the lives and mental health of their family.