Thank you so much for sharing!
All of this is exactly on-point with my views on preparedness.
I got saved in 2010, and in 2011 while I was still not really following Christ, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to begin preparing for my family. This was the first time I really heard God’s voice (aside from my salvation) and knew I had to do what He said.
I am now a fully-devoted follower of Jesus and a prepper. I believe the two go hand in hand for this reason:
Who is going to spread the word of God in a post-collapse world?
Definitely not the looters, thieves, murders, rapists, and gangs roaming around looking to take what you have and kill you.
In fact, they will need to hear the word of the Lord!
Many think discipleship ended with the original 12. It did not, and it will continue in a SHTF world in the most biblical sense.
I am blessed right now to live in a peaceful city, state, and country where I can freely study the scriptures and arm myself with the Word of God so that when the day comes, I can pass those words on to others who can then pass them on and on.
THAT is what Jesus intended us to do!