Mr. Red
Mr. Red

In my opinion, in a grid down situation, there is no garbage. It’s kinda like the whole “maker movement/upcycling” way of thinking, in that “trash” can be used to make something useful. Which kind of leads into the tv show “The Colony”.If you haven’t seen it is well worth checking out, yes some stuff was pretty stupid and unrealistic, but it’s the concept of being able to build your way to success under harsh conditions while using limited supplies/trash.

There have been countless times in my youth where my friends and I have scavenged around and got a load of useful items to help build our little shacks and hid away places in the woods. Cordage, nails, screws, boards, you name it, we were able to find a use for it. And that is the type of mindset that people need to get. If we’re faced with a situation so grave that it’d be decades before we start to see signs of recovery, there won’t be ships coming over from china to deliver the newest stuff, and for sure the limited factories we have left in our areas wont be running (and will most likely be picked clean by us to repurpose the contents lol).

But being able to make new stuff, out of old stuff, is something we all need to start researching and developing. In my opinion, and for me in my situation, I see that as a more valuable skill than a lot of the wilderness survival skills. But that’s just me, and I’ve grown up doing both so I’m pretty good at it lol.

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