This is great insight that a lot of us don’t consider.
I have consistently prepped for my family.
But what if our families will hold us back? This is not something I am willing to give in to.
I have a sister that, anytime prepping is mentioned, states she would rather “die than live” in a SHTF scenario.
First, I don’t believe it and have continued prepping for her on the basis that she will thank me later. And second, if that really turns out to be true then there’s nothing I can do/have done and I will have to accept it (mental preparedness’s importance can never be stressed enough.)
My mother is a doctor and has extremely valuable skills for a SHTF scenario and up until recently was of the same mindset of my sister. She realized that God called us to never give up, even in a nuclear zombie apocalypse filled with bands of armed looters (kidding about the zombies,) and has become almost glad that I am prepping for our family.
I believe that my family will thank me later!