Walmart did a bunch of changes last year, management restructuring, shutting down unprofitable stores and some that might otherwise have had issues.

It’s Walmart, people don’t see past the cheap stuff.

One CO store wrote off some 1.3 million in stolen goods last year, and it wasn’t the worst.
Too high a percentage and the store is no longer profitable when wages and the rest are considered.

People don’t consider that they are hurting themselves when they steal, Walmart or other places. Eventually the retailer gives up and you may have nothing. There go local jobs, fairly decent paying jobs.
The spiral quickens from there.

Anyway, there was a lot more to those closures than most have a clue about. And that’s just the financial/management side.

But with all due respect to Alex Jones or (insert paranoid theorist name here ) and possible paranoid conspiracy theories, this has a lot more to do with people getting themselves so far in the hole and finances, than some .Gov takeover or scheme.

As far as DHS or FEMA being in cahoots with Walmart on something? Let’s just say that I’m not the bit concerned. In fact, just the thought, I haven’t laughed out loud in ages, until then.