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How many people would really be able to fit in just five Walmarts spread across the country – and as has been pointed out, we first heard this emergency horror story last year. Now it’s the latter part of this year – and what’s happened? Well, these same five stores began reopening late LAST year. Here are two stories from as early as the beginning of September 2015:



And here’s the closed Tulsa store in November 2015 (open now – just months after the closure, and well within the time frame Walmart originally said they’d be closing the five stores):


These kinds of end-of-the-world government conspiracy stories do “our” side no good at all. My theory is that the people that make up these stories are the pros on the OTHER side, creating disinformation that feeds into the more distrustful within the “conservative” side of the population, and then the purveyors of this cr@p can turn it all back around to make “us” look like a bunch of idiots. Again – there are whole MALLS that are empty, all across the nation, some that have already been bulldozed (a major one just south of Atlanta is now level dirt – the old Shenandoah ooops, Shannon Mall!). Why close a totally insignificant number of Walmart stores as part of some conspiracy aimed at the general population of 320 million people spread across this vast land? And building a tunnel system under them??? To what/where?

More evidence? Just one more – I’m not going to waste any more time on this, but here’s the Pico Rivera (California) store that reopened at the beginning of November – also in time for Christmas sales:


If they can make “us” look stupid with enough fake conspiracy stories, then they can turn us into the little boy that cried wolf, and when the one “we’re” right about comes to pass, no one will be listening – our credibility is fast becoming shot through because of all the bogus stories, while we’ve got real, solid, fact-based evidence of other serious things brewing and even apparently near to boiling over. We need to quit putting more holes in our own feet with these kinds of stories that – with just a tiny bit of search engine research – can be EASILY put to rest.

[“But I SAW it on the INTERNET!!!”] LOL!