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Hello all. Brazil was a cesspool in the early 80’s when kast there on business…n there is no way Rio could have gotten any better given the enormous problems I saw, huge n growing population n the culture. It was, in many resoects, to me at least, like visiting Sodom and Gammorah. Sorry if spelling off. How stupidly, clueless Americans can be to think they are just on an adventure in another place shown on Instagram..n that somehow what they wud expect in the US they cud expect there. If I were an Olympian, n decided to actually participate in the games in that fetid, over-populated, awful place complete with horrible water, favalas that are scarey 2 see even fm a fistance, people thinking nothing of walking ard almost buck naked, corrupt givt, body parts washing up on beaches, rain forests being decimated…wtf? Why any surprise/discussion? Truly . We carried frozen oj concentrate out of there on the ships n cheap foreign cars and such in…
Horrible place. Hard to find a ship’s Captain willing to go in there…corruption ramoant. No way cud 30 yrs even have imo r I ved it imho was do bad. Take a cab at night, be even out at nite there..sheer stupidity. There I feel better gor my rant.