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Freedom, the Dark State is WAY beyond the two U.S. political parties. The political parties would fall under Lenin’s category of “useful idiots”, in concept. But even that’s not really accurate, since communism isn’t the Dark State either – just another tool toward the ends of the Dark State. And you can be certain that they’re not afraid of trump. The Paul Ryan/Hillary Clinton/Koch Brothers/Reince Priebus/etc., etc., crowd will undercut him at every turn if he’s President. Or they’ll just do what the Clintons are so famous for – suicide him or aircraft accident him. The very worst Trump would be is a temporary thorn in their side – and only for as long as it suits their purposes. Again: the Dark State goes WAY beyond our borders, or anyone else’s borders.

And have you considered the possibility that Trump is actually part of them? At this point, anything’s possible, and nothing should be ruled out.