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The Bible says there were giants in the land in the very early days of this earth. That was during a time when all sorts of bad stuff was happening. They managed to get rid of the giants and the dinosaurs, but crabgrass and cockroaches survived and always will until the end of time (probably somewhere before 2019 at the rate we’re going). ;-)

We just got some really good sweet potatoes from the garden. They came from some organic sweet potatoes that we got at a local market several months ago, and we forgot about the last two of them (they’d sprouted very nicely, thanks to none of the suppression spray they put on most store-bought potatoes). We decided to cut them up and plant them, and see what happened. Three months later – this is some of what we got from just two forgotten potatoes. Don’t know what variety they were, but they taste remarkably similar despite the different colors (the same color differences existed in the two we forgot about). Ahhhhhh …. Some nice raw butter and I was in heaven with the first ones.