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Trump is enduring the most intense attack I’ve ever seen the media make on anybody. There is a theory that the two parties want a compromise but history would refute that. Anyway you look at it the republicans and democrats have reached a historical showdown. In other words, the Earps and Clantons at the OK Corral. Trump is going to win but Hillary will go down kicking screaming clawing to the end. There is going to be collateral damage. Trump will make a better President in an economic collapse because Hillary doesn’t care about the American economy. It’s an abject indifference the same way Merkel is indifferent to the Moslem invasion of Europe. When they accept the idea of world government they give up their identity as Americans or German. Did Obama give 400 million to Iran? No he gave them 4X that. It’s reparations and has nothing to do with hostages. Figuratively speaking Obama acted as God in giving them the blood money and not as a representative of the People of the U.S.. He was completely lawless. Nobody was able to stop him. Not the Doj, not the congress, not public opinion. The more attacks they make on Trump the more people See. No amnesty for Obama or Hillary after the election. Both in stripes. They’re criminals…. Economic and political.