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In case you haven’t seen it previously, and are interested in rainwater collection and storage ideas, here’s an article I posted several months back on the subject:


If you need purification, I highly recommend the home made filtration system using the Black Berkey water filters. It can be made for about 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of purchasing a full Berkey unit. ALL of the water we drink or use for cooking, despite normally coming out of the city’s tap system, goes through just such a filter. Plans are at:


I also highly recommend reviewing their updated warranty issues, as well as the list of unauthorized dealers:



The “New Millenium Concepts” site that’s linked in the construction article above is the company that actually makes these, and there are a number of companies they authorize to sell for them, but a lot of companies (including Amazon dealers as well as many “patriot” type dealers) that they don’t, and won’t honor the warranties if purchased through them. Long story, but mostly legitimate, from what I have been able to determine after considerable discussion with them and one of the authorized dealers. I now prefer to deal ONLY with New Millenium Concepts for a variety of reasons, including excellent customer service and detailed answers to questions.