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My fishing line surrounding the garden, in combination with spraying that nasty smelling stuff has done a pretty good job keeping the deer out. Not 100% but pretty good. I haven’t had a bear come into it yet this year either, though I know one has been coming around my apples trees. Jokes on him though as there are hardly any apples this year due to that one night in April when it went down to about zero. Killed the buds. I doubt the fishing line deters the bear when the corn ripens though. Maybe he’ll go to my next door neighbor’s corn instead which is much nicer than mine. What is really pissing me off are the rabbits that take one bite out of a strawberry and then move on to the next one. I’d be willing to share if they’d instead eat one entire strawberry rather than one bite each out of 4.

Not a lot of deer-car accidents around here. Not sure why as there are plenty of deer.