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The garden is going good. We got a little rain, just enough so I can have a break from watering but we are still in a serious deficit. My pond is down 22″ due to lack of inflow.

My beans (green & yellow, pole & bush) are yielding prolifically, about 5 quarts per day. For those setting aside seeds, keep a lot of beans. Easy to grow and heavy yields. I don’t fertilize at all and in dry spells I don’t water near as well as I should, yet they just grow and grow. The other nice thing about beans is you can eat them fresh, can them, or dry them.

I don’t feel like preserving the beans so I am giving them away to 8 families at this point. You can only eat so many yourself. I’m also giving away zucchinis now too. By the end of the week I’ll be doing the same with yellow squash. For now the peppers are at a level that I am using all that ripen. Nothing else is ready yet.