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FOIA requests include sensitive information all the time. They just redact the material that is classified or potentially dangerous to specific individuals (i.e. individually identifying information). The rest is released. Therefore, the above post fits absolutely right in the middle of the territory contained within the thread’s title.

But then the war is lost anyway. Any skirmishes from here on out are the equivalent of the lonely Japanese soldiers that were holed up in caves or on mountains long after the war was over, still fighting a war they either believed was not over, or believed SHOULDN’T have been over. Reality sux.

Too bad I’ve statistically still got 10-15 more years left to have to witness it all – maybe more, unfortunately. I fully expect to be lamenting the same kinds of hopeless circumstances we’ve already witnessed with our African, Greek, and other members that rarely even show up here anymore. Perhaps they’re realizing that if we can’t even hold it together in the “land of the free, home of the brave,” there’s no hope for the rest of the world either. We’ve got the best founding documents of anyone in the world (with ZERO deference to Justice Ginsburg’s statements otherwise), and we still couldn’t even keep it going for 250 years.