Brulen, China cannot come close to feeding it’s own people. This is why they have been buying so much farmland in Africa. It will not end well for the African people. I believe they have been buying farmland in South America too though to a lesser extent than in Africa. The US can still feed itself and a bunch of others (China being one of the primary purchasers of American foodstuffs). A lot of the imports from China is their buying it here, then processing it there, and then shipping it back. It is amazing that somehow costs less than just processing it here.

Africa for farming has some unique challenges.
And with the loss of most of the white farmers, the chinks are screwed if they try to get food there.
Last I knew, the thieves who stole the farms were unable to feed themselves let alone anyone else.
The chinks stole Africa to rape and pillage the natural resources, the minerals and timber.
Getting anything out food wise would require displacing the natives entirely.
Ain’t likely.

No, the chinks will continue to look to the fertile places elsewhere and continue to sell their crap to fund their quest for food.