Our SO guys had to call in a neighboring bomb squad when a local nutcase threatened to blow himself and others up.
They were preparing to blow the wall to gain entry, using det cord and some plastique when our dispatcher was able to talk him out, after some 4 hours on the phone with him.
They were literally stacked and thumb on the button.

He had already fired on officers, the threat of a kaboom was there. An MRAP would have been nice. Absolutely necessary?? Meh.

Most of the 1033 stuff ain’t what you’d expect.
We’d like to have a copter here, for a variety of reasons, the most important is that we do SAR not only in WY but UT. We are the primary responders for a huge area. And we even have a pilot already. And the 1033 program is the only way we’d ever be able to get one regardless of need thanks to the economy.

Most .MIL stuff isn’t suited for LE work, but some is highly useful. And most of that stuff is available commercially to anyone in one flavor or another.
It’s just the cost of the commercial products that keep most places in need.

Which is more fiscally responsible, a “free” MRAP or a Bearcat @$250000?
Both are paid for with taxpayer dollars, one is already paid for though.

Having worked in the business, and having paid for most of my gear personally, I can say it was nice when we got some “free” stuff so we didn’t ruin our own stuff in training let alone duty.

We agree about most of your list, which might surprise you. There are a few items we won’t, because I’m looking at it from the Officer and public safety direction.

This comes in part from listening to audio recordings of officers under fire screaming for the “Bearcat”.