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MA has a history of over the top Attorney Generals. One of the current one’s predecessors had said that States weren’t bound by the Bill of Rights, that it instead only applied to the Federal Govt. She said it in reference to the 2nd Amendment. My guess is that the current AG is positioning herself for higher office by this move. That or she just wants to one up California (or NY, CT, MD, or NJ) on the crazy meter. In the past 5 years MA has had a total of 2 gun deaths by rifle of any kind, so that is the crime wave she is trying to address.

My son follows these things very closely. I asked him to clarify something for me about whether the current owners of these guns were grandfathered. He said that she is saying that everyone has been buying these illegally for the past 22 years but that she isn’t going to prosecute people. For now. But she reserves the right to change her mind. I can’t imagine she will prevail in a court challenge but that sort of thing can take years to wind its way through.

Did I say how glad I am to have left MA?