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A Turkish air base widely believed to house U.S. nuclear weapons continued to rely on backup generators Wednesday, five days after a failed coup plunged the country into crisis.

Commercial power was cut to Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey and the airspace above it closed within hours of Friday’s attempted military takeover in the NATO country. Turkish commanders at the site were later arrested and led away … . Erdogan told CNN earlier this week that power was shut off at military bases around the country to reduce the risk that conspirators might be able to use them.


So, the power was cut off to reduce the risk that conspirators might be able to use the base to support the coup attempt. And the Turkish commanders at the site were arrested and removed. And the power still remains off, while the U.S. decides whether to extradite Gulen from Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the democratically elected government has forbidden imams from conducting Islamic funerals for the dead (alleged) coup supporters.

I’m so very thankful, and relieved, that we’re maintaining a nuclear presence in Turkey. And wasn’t it the Turkish Consul General that was the last person known for certain to have seen Ambassador Stevens alive? What could possibly go wrong …. ? [need I even bother to mention sarcasm here?]

We now return to your regularly scheduled important news. Ben Carson connected Hillary Clinton with Lucifer through a long-dead Jewish author by the name of Alinsky, Melania Trump stole the beloved First Lady’s (?) speech in a shocking display of Trump’s inherent evil nature, and Taylor Swift got Wiki-WRECKED as Kim Kardashian’s fans viciously vandalized her Wikipedia page! Oh, the horrors of the world!