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And ultimately, it is not even about Islam. Islam (or “radical” Islam if that suits some) is being used as just another vehicle in the march toward a complete overthrow of the social and political order – exactly what Marx explicitly and clearly called for 168 years ago, and merely updated 40 years ago by two American Marxists (one of whom is sadly still living and spewing her trash):

In his Forbes article, “Deconstructing Obamanomics: What is the Real Goal?,” Bill Frezza, an MIT graduate and a fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and a Boston-based venture capitalist, “raises the horrifying possibility – unlikely as it might sound – that precipitating an existential crisis in order to bring about radical change has been Obama’s underlying agenda all along [emphasis added]. … Suppose he is methodically executing the infamous Cloward-Piven strategy – which, if it is not succeeding in its objective of totally remaking America, you sure couldn’t tell by looking at the results.”

Frezza concludes with a quip: “Yes, of course, it is possible that all of the formative influences that made our president who he is are irrelevant to the policies he is enacting now, just as it possible that we are living through a bad dream and that in the morning we will awaken refreshed in a country that is not in the process of destroying itself.”

Alas, now we all – left and right – understand Obama’s campaign and presidency primary goal to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”


Indeed, it is not really about Obama, blacks, ISIS, or any other single group of people, religion, or individuals. Those are tools – often the useful idiots to what is really in play. It is world wide, what Casey and others are calling the “Dark State.” It transcends national boundaries and governments. All political arguing is merely a diversion to keep people from even noticing the curtain, let alone seeing the man behind it, and thereby becoming empowered to neutralize and counteract it. It is based in, and is itself, fundamental evil.