Toby C
Toby C

In standard terms, most criminal acts will have a ‘precursor’ commonly referred to as the ‘interview’ to establish your victim profile (As in are you a good victim for what is about to happen) When I was in Africa, an easy way to get targeted as ‘soft’ was how you reacted too seeing apparent dangers (e.g. Kids running towards you in the road) Once you’ve reacted some of the (normally ill intentioned) ‘bystanders’ have identified you as ‘soft’ (or weak) as you cared so much about a kid (remember in this regions life is CHEAP, that is VERY difficult for most people to understand) and will target you for further things, counter to this, if the kid does get hit by a car and you are going to ‘assist’ you are potentially lining yourself up as being guilty of ‘luring’ the child over and causing the accident. The price of your ‘compensation’ or details of your ‘punishment’ will likely be discussed on the spot and in a rapidly escalating manner.

This also happens in Iraq, Afghanistan and I am sure numerous other places… So yes, if you’re not sure of the area, keeping the most primal instincts in check is to be considered necessary…

All the above can also apply if stepping in to ‘intervene’ say if you see a man beating a woman…