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The ironic part of this is that a sizeable portion (possibly the majority) of the current white population are descended of immigrant groups starting with the Famine Irish of the mid-1800’s that came at a time that they did not personally benefit from or participate in slavery. At the same time a sizeable portion of the black population in the US have white ancestors. I believe genetic testing puts it at a minimum of 30%. These are the people that as Leopard puts it would be considered “colored” in SA rather than black as we see it in the US. Granted that white ancestry was almost never the result of consensual relationships but if modern day people are to be found guilty of the actions of their ancestors even when their ancestors had nothing to do with slavery (mid-1800’s immigrant groups and thereafter), then even blacks need to be held accountable for the actions of their white ancestors.

As an aside, the 5 States that the author of the article wants for blacks are 5 of the 6 States with the most blacks as a percent of the total. What keeps it from being 5 for 5 is Maryland is the 4th most black State. It is fully possible that black migration into those 5 States could give them control, though I don’t see that as likely.