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Listen up, folks. Sledjockey’s on target about the current status. When W’s HHS Secretary, Tommy Thompson, proposed HIPAA, those inside the medical community with any degree of political consciousness, saw what was coming – and then had the horrible nightmare that was reality unfold right before them. Electronic medical records are far, far more of a threat than almost anyone has any idea. What meds anyone takes, what conditions anyone has (or at least has been diagnosed with), every procedure – it’s all there for countless people to see within the system, from RNs, PAs, psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, chiropractors, and of course MDs and DOs – among others. And ultimately, it’s really there for Uncle Sam to have full access to everything that a person permitted to write in your medical chart has to say about you. Forget privacy. Forget HIPAA. It’s not what’s stated in the forms they shove at you to sign. I have up close and personal, extensive experience behind those statements, not anyone else’s word for it. It’s not just about veterans (though that old article and the letters shown in it are still very real and relevant) – it’s about every single American that goes to a licensed medical professional of any of the above-listed varieties.

Want some “fun?” Go to https://www.mib.com/request_your_record.html and request a copy of your MIB file (used to stand for Medical Information Bureau). See what they have (or not) on you. If you’ve applied for life or health insurance in the past 7 years (includes long term care insurance), they’ve got a file on all your medical care, courtesy of your healthcare provider – and it may or may not even be correct. It’s the medical information version of the credit bureaus, and you’re allowed a free copy of the information they have on you. (And you thought you were only allowing that insurance company to contact your doctor, and your doctor to supply the insurance company with information relevant to your insurance application? Uh, no. It also goes to MIB. But the government’s already got it anyway.)