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It would soon become Baltimore-Ferguson-Chicago Nation.

Most such proposals come bundled with demands for “reparations,” as though the entire white populace approved of and participated in slavery (most didn’t), although it was unfair economic competition for most of their ancestors, in the same way slave labor in China is unfair economic competition for all Americans today. But any fixed amount of reparations would soon be gone, and the cry of “more or war” would soon follow. Most of the reparations advocates either admit, or at least imply, that “enough” would never be “enough.”

Such movements are never led by reasonable people, and usually made up of the non-, or marginally-working, although Davenport is probably right about the relative ease with which first stage political takeover could be accomplished, provided he could persuade enough “pioneers” to abandon their freebies in the north, and get along without them for a while, in the (usually poorer) southern States. Sounds like an opportunity for George Soros to really show off his fortune.

Cry, "Treason!"