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It has made it to the courts, but keeps getting pushed around. CA has used this information as a way to show up at vet’s homes and physically remove firearms from their possession. Even a prescription for something like Wellbutrin for someone that is quitting smoking is enough to get your firearms confiscated in Commifornia if the state sees it. When the ACA goes into full effect in 2018 (if I remember this deadline correctly) all health records must be fully accessible to the government due to them being a payer.

HIPAA (Health INSURANCE Portability…..) allows all health insurance companies to get access to patient charts. ACA made the government a universal payer and in 2018 all health records must be hooked into an exchange, thus the government will have unfiltered and unrestricted medical record access.

Yup…… The simple act of going to the doctor and their opinion of what may be wrong with you is going to be enough to bypass due process for firearm removal if the Dems and RINOS get their control act about mental disorders and possible terrorist threat bill passed.